Promotional Roadshows

Pink Whizz Promotions is a unique, innovative and funky promotional marketing business which provides the tools to get your business, product or event SEEN AND REMEMBERED.  Using a fuschia pink mini to grab attention wherever you may be; the High Street, Exhibition Centre, Business Park or on a Roadshow.  The Pink Mini will get people talking, entice them “in” so that you can capture your audience and introduce your product, add leads to your database and you and your company will be recalled for your imaginative marketing campaign.   Its worth thinking about isn’t it?  And then you could call for a quote ……

Alternatively, should you have no desire to hire our Pink Mini BUT you would like some promotional marketing advice, then dont be afraid to get in touch. We can help with all aspects of marketing including the hot topic at the moment, SOCIAL MEDIA including TWITTER, FACEBOOK & LINKEDIN.

Are you still thinking?! Then STOP…… PICK THE PHONE UP AND CALL 07710 798675 or EMAIL

Can’t wait to hear from you!!